In May 2018, the new European Union (EU) privacy regulation goes into effect with broad reaching implications for organisations around the world.  The regulation, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduces new requirements on privacy, security, and compliance for organisations that offer goods and services to European Union (EU) residents.  This not only challenges how information is processed inside your business but also means you have to consider changes to your current data handling policies and procedures along with how these will be met from both a technology and legal perspective.

Therefore, in order to provide a complete approach to addresses this, we have partnered with John McKee Solicitors a leading specialist in data protection and compliance from a legal perspective combined with our own technical expertise to provide a range of GDPR compliance services to businesses throughout Northern Ireland, such as:

  • Review of existing policies and controls to determine suitability;
  • Review of existing technology to determine fitness to meet GDPR / Data Protection Act 2018 standards; as well as
  • The option to provide workshops and professional services for GDPR implementation with solutions to help meet compliance.