The adoption of public cloud computing for services such as email, CMS platforms and other business applications is considerable but there are times when you want to know where your data is being held or you want to ensure you are in complete control of the software you use and when you want to upgrade.

This is where we have wide choice hosting, development and support plans that will specifically meet your exact requirements.  If you want to run a specific version of software and have it available from anywhere 24/7 we can provide a cost effective hosting and/or support solution to meet your needs.

Our own facilities are designed to be highly available and fault tolerant with local hardware failover as well as backup options that keep your data securely backed up within the UK.  Equally we can also offer our clients development and support services within their your own hosted environments when information security and compliance are essential to successful operation.

We are business owners and IT specialists too

We don't just offer a hosting platform to our clients, as business owners that work with a wide variety of clients who need to keep their clients information within the EU for compliance reasons, we know and understand what they need to ensure they keep they business protected.

We host websites and applications for other IT companies and as experienced developers and infrastructure specialists we have a unique understanding of what you want from your next big idea or client solution and can provide the exact environment you want to meet those goals.

As from November 2015 we are also official suppliers to the G-Cloud Framework offering a wide range of services to the public sector.

Solutions we host and support for our customers

We can host and/or support a number of applications for our customers using either their own software licensing, open source or CMS and application platforms from vendors such as Microsoft and EpiServer as follows:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle MySQL
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions
  • EpiServer CMS
  • Umbraco CMS
  • WordPress