In the last few years businesses have been encouraged to cut costs and to save money at very turn. Although this does make a lot of sense, one of those first cost cutting exercises usually comes from things such as IT bringing efficiency to the organisation, not the other way around.

Granted some IT systems do cost organisations money but they really shouldn’t and if they do there is something seriously wrong.  If anything they should help reduce time, effort and costs unless they are not being operated correctly or maintained at the proper level.

That is why our background in IT Consultancy helps when putting IT Infrastructure solutions together for our clients. We work to the strategic objectives of a business, not how much money it has to spend and come up with a number of different options based on the functionality the client requires and the cost options for implementing such changes.

We offer a wide range of services

Here are just some of the services we can provide you and your business:

  • Network Design, Implementation, Security & Support
  • Desktop & Application Deployment/Management
  • System Integration
  • Virtualisation and Private Cloud based solutions
  • Migration from on-premise to Cloud bases systems
  • Managed Services for Support & Maintenance

Here some of the advantages to using our services

We don’t charge higher rates for out of hours work! You pay the same rate regardless of when you need us to work.

We don’t charge you travelling time! You only pay us once we’ve started work.

We don’t charge you expenses, such as mileage! You only pay for the time we work for you.

We provide proactive maintenance:  We monitor your systems daily and provide reports on how well the system is performing as well as potential issues that might come up to ensure your IT systems are always up and running.

We don’t try and sell you our kit at our price! We can offer great hardware and software deals and try not to be beaten on price, but we are equally more than happy to work with alternative systems and suppliers.

Only the most qualified engineers work for us! Everyone on our team is certified to the latest Microsoft Certification standards on the products we sell and support.

Flexible pricing for support to meet all budgets! From hourly rates to fixed price contracts for support we can ensure you get the right level of support at the price you want to pay.

If we don’t meet your satisfaction we pay you! Our support contracts come with financial penalties if we won’t meet the required level of service.