Nearly every conversation in business IT today mentions a cloud platform, but what is the Cloud and what can it do for your business?  The easiest description of the Cloud is that it is a once-in-a-generation technology advancement, which allows businesses of any size or type to access IT applications and platforms in a consumption only based model that will enable those businesses to create new business applications, become more agile in their development to markets, remain secure and all while driving cost savings.

Companies such as Microsoft have been the trusted business IT partner for businesses large and small for the last three decades and with that experience behind them they believe it’s no longer a question of if but when most companies will adopt cloud technologies. At a time when everything has gone mobile, when social computing is redefining how people communicate, and when data stores are exploding and giving new insights, Microsoft have and continue to invest millions of dollars to ensure their customers have an environment that is robust, secure and more importantly works with a business's existing technology investment.

Why are we so sure this will work for you?

Simply put our own business uses these cloud technologies to develop and support our customers everyday. We use the cloud to build applications and deliver them to our customers. We rely on the cloud for internal and external communication as well as storage for our backup systems, control of our document management, as well as being the central hub for logging and completing service calls.  So in short we are confident that these solutions will work for your business because it is something we use inside our own business and can demonstrate in everyday use to your business. 

Can I trust Microsoft Azure?  

Trust is a big concern for businesses using cloud services. Will your data and services be available when you need them? Will your confidential information be kept private and meet the latest in compliance standards? Microsoft has the experience, global footprint, security, and reliability that every business should demand of a cloud solution. Leading governments, financial services organisations, and other organisations that work with sensitive information or deliver critical services rely on Microsoft Azure.

No other cloud vendor can match Microsoft’s experience with running and building services.  Microsoft Azure offers the highest levels of proven security, privacy and reliability. Microsoft designs and seeks certification for the most rigorous global and regional security, data protection, accessibility and environmental standards. Azure's cloud infrastructure and state-of-the-art data centres comprise one of the largest networks globally as the video below shows: