Microsoft are leaders in providing cloud and productivity solutions to businesses across the globe and are at the forefront of driving digital transformation. Regardless of your size of business digital transformation is the journey to help businesses better bring together people, data and processes. When delivered correctly digital transformation can create value for your customers creating a competitive advantage while reducing your overall costs.

The Microsoft Power Platform is designed for efficient digital transformation and is made up of three Microsoft technologies; Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. All of these have familiar Microsoft interfaces with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality to help build the solution you need quickly and easily, which will make business growth easy and accessible to users at all levels.

Microsoft Power BI is used to analyse your data in order to gain meaningful insights that can be used to grow your business. Interactive reports are added to dashboards that can be shared with other users so everyone has access to relevant analytics.

Microsoft PowerApps is a platform designed to make producing business mobile apps quick and easy to manage while keeping development costs to a minimum. New data can be added wherever you are to ensure your insights are up to date.

Microsoft Flow is used to automate repetitive business processes and, as part of the Power Platform, focuses particularly on those within PowerApps and Power BI. Multi-step workflows can be set up using a number of different triggers so necessary actions can be performed automatically.

Why Choose Endeavour?

Endeavour are a Microsoft accredited Gold Competency partner that specialises in delivering Microsoft Cloud based projects to its customers.  We have a wide range of clients in different sectors with user bases from several to thousands of end users.

Our team are all Microsoft certified to the latest versions of Office 365, Microsoft Azure and solution software development for both on premise and cloud based environments.

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