In the past, developing a business application suitable for mobile devices was a slow and labour intensive task requiring the attention of experienced developers and engineers making it justifiable only for larger businesses. With the addition of Microsoft PowerApps to the Microsoft Power Platform, businesses of all sizes can meet complex as well as repetitive tasks in days rather than weeks or months.

A brief overview of how Microsoft PowerApps can promote productivity and efficiency in your business is represented in the video below:

When creating a PowerApp, the development process is effectively a blank piece of paper, and can help solve both simple as well as complex business challenges as required. Whether starting from an app template or from scratch, the drag and drop interfaces allow for clean and quick results. The simplicity of this interface also means the business can take the reins of a project directly and own their app from the start. PowerApps also allows you to create custom connectors to tie into legacy systems and release them onto mobile devices.

As Microsoft PowerApps is a Cloud-based service with over 200 connectors including SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 which means it fully integrates with Microsoft technologies already existing within a business.

As with any service that holds information, security requirements such as GDPR need to be at the forefront of the implementation to ensure compliance as well as piece of mind. With this idea, PowerApps works from a principle of least access; Any user should only have access to the minimum required to work from. This is done by allocating roles with specific security access to every user preventing users access to records they do not own while also allowing relevant data to be shared with those who need but don't necessarily own the data.

Although PowerApps functions as a standalone product, where its functionality truly shines is in conjunction with Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Power BI. These three services form the Microsoft Power Platform which is built to gather business information, process and visualise the data and implement workflow rules to automate standard processes. Combined, these act to improve productivity with the added versatility of mobile devices while minimising development time and cost the to allow your business to grow.

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