In today’s fast paced work environment, Microsoft Teams adds to Office 365 a workspace allowing for a single pane of glass view of communication and collaboration that is accessible to everyone.

Microsoft Teams acts as a hub for all communication and teamwork both internally in the form of teams and departments specific to resources and projects as well as externally by supporting calls, online meetings and conference calls with clients.

As part of the Office 365 family of products, Microsoft Teams integrates fully with other Office 365 applications such as SharePoint, PowerApps and Power BI. Teams also has the ability to integrate 3rd part tools/applications or custom built applications into the interface to ensure a tailored solution for your business.

A brief introduction to what Microsoft Teams can offer your business is represented in the video below:

Why Choose Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams revolutionises the way in which information is managed and transferred between all people while maintaining live communication that is completely streamlined and transparent to promote productivity and progression.

Unlike email, Microsoft Teams provides the tools to allow your team to make critical decisions while increasing productivity in real time. The platform offers a persistent chat, ensuring anyone part of the process has access to the complete history regardless of when they have been added. This means no information is lost as it is kept in a central location which not only stores communication but also shares relevant files and apps with those who need it, all while keeping your information protected and compliant.

Teams is also a fully cloud-based solution which allows it to be used anywhere remotely, ensuring information is always accessible whenever and wherever it is needed on any kind of device, from a phone to a tablet or Laptop/PC.

Primarily because of recent privacy requirement such as GDPR, security is essential for any platform which carries personal/business information. Microsoft as a company is dedicated to ensuring its customers’ data is protected while meeting the very latest standards. And in this case, Microsoft Teams is classified as tier D-compliant by Microsoft, meaning that industry-leading compliance commitments, such as ISO 27001 and GDPR, are enabled by default.

Why Choose Endeavour?

Endeavour are a Microsoft accredited Gold Competency partner that specialises in delivering Microsoft Cloud based projects to its customers.  We have a wide range of clients in different sectors with user bases from several to thousands of end users.

Our team are all Microsoft certified to the latest versions of Office 365, Microsoft Azure and solution software development for both on premise and cloud based platforms.