Mobile solutions are widely becoming the norm delivering versatile and dynamic experiences for your customers and employees, taking advantage of the full feature set of smartphones and tablets available in the marketplace today.

However, businesses are now seeing the advantages of running mobile applications that integrate into their business processes and backend IT environment and systems to save time, to give better insights to business data in real time and increase profitability.

Windows App Development

We all know the Windows platform has been the de-facto standard for business applications for the last three decades and now with the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia’s handset business in September 2013 it now unites the Windows Phone and RT platforms with its biggest hardware supporter to provide Microsoft with a great combination of handsets and its latest Windows 8.1 operation system to make Windows a compelling platform choice that is easily integrated into backend systems.

Recent examples include:

  • Stock management Windows Phone app with Sage 50 integration;
  • Service Management App for health & safety consultants company on Windows RT; and
  • Time & Expense Form apps for business consultancy firm broker on Windows 8.1 Pro.

iPhone & iPad App Development

Apple is one of the founders of modern mobile computing and are seen as the benchmark to meet for the latest handheld mobile and tablet technology.  Used by millions of people around the world iOS has an intuitive interface and comes with sensors, we can create applications that fit the exact needs of your business.

Recent examples include:

  • Time Recording App for legal firm on iPhone;
  • Customer Relationship Management for environmental consultants company on iPad; and
  • Quotation Management for local insurance broker on iPad.

Android App Development

There are over thousands of different types of Android device, from manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC and is the most popular app platform. This platform allows your business the flexibility of devices choices at different price points which makes Android development a popular platform that can reach many devices and budgets.

Recent examples include:

  • Stock management app with Sage 50 integration; and
  • Van sales app with Sage 50 integration.