A busy week for productivity, content and management.

Microsoft has been busy this week with the RTM announcements for both SharePoint 2016 and Project Server 2016.

Both products have new functionality including the integration of Project Server into SharePoint 2016 now providing even closer integration of your project management information with the project documentation and the raw data that supports it.  It provides everything you need under a single web platform to manage and control projects from task scheduling and resources management to financial, progress and escalation management.  So for one or a hundred and one projects Project Server 2016 brings all the tools your teams need into one platform supported across multiple devices.

In terms of SharePoint specifically, there are now new capabilities for searching data that will help meet even the most strict information security policies.  For example, we all know how good SharePoint is at delivering search results, but with SharePoint 2016 you can get a single set of search results from data held via SharePoint on an internal company server as well as from SharePoint Online under Office 365 all at the same time.

So why is that important?  Essentially it means that you can now hold and manage sensitive information "in house" in an environment that meets your strictest compliance policies while still allowing other information to be accessible in a more flexible (but still secure) environment such as Office 365 on wide variety of devices; check out this introduction video for more information:

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