Microsoft release new security and data compliance features for Office 365

Data security, protection and compliance are continuous processes within businesses with new threats impacting on organisations of all shapes and sizes every single day.  Therefore, businesses need to monitor and adapt continuously to ensure their business is protected, but that can take up valuable time and resources.

So to help in the fight against malware attacks and accidential information discloure Microsoft are adding to their existing array of security and information governance tools to help Office 365 customers protect their information and stay ahead of the evolving threats to their data as follows:

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Now generally available, provides interactive tools will analyse your systems for threats in near real-time.  Give detailed reports on attacks on your business and monitors your systems for suspicious activity and make corrective actions all of which is reportable to you.  A summary of these features is shown in the video below:

Advanced Data Governance

Also now generally available, this delivers proactive policy recommendations and automatic data classifications that allows you take actions on data—such as retention and deletion—throughout a piece of information's lifetime. 

You can create or use pre-built templates from Microsoft that matches the type of data you hold and applies relevant policies to that data automatically to ensure you are kept compliant. It can also provide alerts to identify data governance risks, such as “Unusual volume of file deletion,” as well as the ability to create custom alerts by specifying alert matching conditions and threshold.   A summary of these features is shown in the video below:

These features are included within the Office 365 E5 plan or can be purchased as additions to other Office 365 plans as needed.  For more information about these and other information security tools Office 365 can offer please conact us via email to or telephone 028 9592 1010.