Next generation web browsing with Microsoft Edge

This week is Microsoft's annual developer conference and as such Microsoft tends to use this conference as the setting stage to make a lot of announcements about things coming in the near future, and one such announcement has been the name of their new browser called, Microsoft Edge which will be coming as part of forthcoming release of Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, this browser platform utilises modern web content and security standards and is built for doing not just looking, with built-in note taking and sharing; a reading pane for no distractions; and integration with Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant on Windows Phone and Windows 10 devices.

You can get a quick glimpse of the look and feel of Microsoft Edge in the video below:

Doesn't look bad at all and just goes to show that this next version of Windows will have a few surprises in store and will not be your average Windows upgrade - we can't wait...