What information are you collecting about me?

If you are a customer we collect basic information from you when you become a customer, such as company name, authorised staff, business address, email address and phone number.  When you purchase products or services, we may collect additional information that assist with the setup of that product or service as well as purchase information.  If any financial payment data is kept, it is done so within relevant levels of security and compliance.

We also record information when you contact us for things such as customer support requests, with relevant notes and details about the problem experienced and how we have responded to resolve the issue.  We also use cookies on our website combined with Google Analytics to collect information about usage across the site, what type of device was used and the probable geographic location of the visitor.

For our managed service customers who use our system agents on their devices, the only information collected is about system performance and security of the device.  No customer data held on a device is collected and when remote access work is required this is only done so with the permission of the client and is automatically logged into our PSA system and documented accordingly.

All customer project data, emails and correspondence is stored within Microsoft Cloud based services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 as well as our PSA systems, with local caches of information stored on devices that have storage encryption and dual factor authentication in place by default.

How do we use that information?

We use information about your business interactions with us to improve the services we provide to you as a customer. As we've previously mentioned, we use information about support requests and how they were addressed to deliver better levels of service to our customers.

We also use contact information to notify our customers of office closures and public holidays as part of contractual notification arrangements and can also provide customers who opt-in information via email on marketing events and special offers.

Do you share my data with third parties?

Absolutely not, we do not share any information with 3rd parties.  There may cases where we work with 3rd parities who already have that information as a supplier to your business e.g. Microsoft, Sage, etc but we do not pass your information on to 3rd parties in any situation. 

Other common questions we are asked

  • We encrypt personal data provided to us via email and web using up to date standards to prevent others from intercepting the information in transit.
  • Once transferred, we store data provided to us in an encrypted state at rest.
  • Access to our internal systems is protected with additional controls such as dual factor authentication and user event auditing.
  • We use a unique user name and password to log into your system when acting on your behalf to ensure our access to your systems is accountable and all actions performed within your systems are documented within our PSA platform.
  • Our employees are security screened via Access NI every two years as a minimum and they also receive annual training and periodic updates regarding good security practices.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about our privacy policy, products or services you may contact our Data Protection Officer by email at privacy@endeavour-is.com

You may also contact us by either of the following methods:

By Post: FAO: Data Protection Officer, Endeavour Information Solutions, 14-18 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7BA

By Telephone: 028 9031 1010

All requests, inquiries or questions will be responded to within 30 days.