For any business, the volume of data associated with every process increases over time to the point where it becomes difficult to discover the information that will ultimately allow for growth. In order to get meaningful insights from this data, it is vital to display what really matters by collating relevant information and linking it to see trends. This is where the platform of Microsoft Power BI is able to provide structured visuals in the form of dashboards and reports that allow you to see what you need to and use business analytics to make a difference.

By using an intuitive platform like Power BI, data literacy is promoted through all users and advanced analytics become accessible to all. Decisions can be made based upon meaningful insights that make use of analytical methods that previously required an analyst’s time.

An overview of Microsoft Power BI and its ability to aid your business growth and analytics is shown in this video:

Microsoft Power BI dashboards are available on the Mobile App or Online version so that you can see in premise or cloud data in real-time, wherever you are. These reports are interactive and customisable, allowing for filtering at the click of a button using sliders and can be shared with other users. Natural language queries are enabled on the dashboards so if there is a specific relationship you want that isn’t visible on the dashboard, you can easily get it without having to learn the coding language of Power BI.

Although Power BI functions as a standalone product, where its functionality truly shines is in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give your business insights and opportunities to both new and existing customers.

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