Microsoft SharePoint offers businesses of any type or size effective tools that will help communicate information effectively to relevant people, allow staff to get access to key decision making information quickly and automate business processes in order to increase productivity and save on costs.

Businesses don't have time to waste and need solutions that deliver optimisation and improved quality in less time for it to be accepted into the organisation as the following introduction video below shows:


SharePoint solutions offer productivity not just information

When intranets first appeared in the mid 90s into business they were simply internal web pages that companies used to communicate policies/procedures and news to their staff.

However, today SharePoint is a business platform that can do much more than provide company news.  A custom-built solution using SharePoint creates an environment that will spark employee engagement, provide access to business information more quickly as well as business process automation and optimisation.

For example, SharePoint can create knowledge-sharing sites so your team can learn from each other, provides a way to find and fill out electronic forms for things like holiday authorisation and expenses claim forms that can run on mobile, tablet or desktop platforms.

Microsoft SharePoint is a fully interactive environment for your staff to utilise in order to save time and money within your business and can provide:

  • News and communications;
  • Knowledge base sites;
  • Central database for suppliers and customers;
  • Secure site for management team reporting;
  • Management information linked to your accounting systems;
  • Discussion boards, wikis and forums;
  • Shared calendars for things like holidays or room bookings;
  • Expenses, holiday request, purchase order authorisation forms;
  • Company policies and procedures; as well as
  • Document management systems.

Why Choose Endeavour?

Endeavour are a Microsoft accredited Gold Competency partner that specialises in delivering SharePoint based projects to its customers.  We have a wide range of clients in different sectors with user bases from several to thousands of end users.

Our team are all Microsoft certified to the latest versions of SharePoint deployment and solution software development for both on premise and cloud based platforms.